Unto This Last's purpose is to offer the convenience of the local craftsman's workshop at mass-production prices.

On-demand, High Street Micro-Manufacturing
Instead of buying furniture from a warehouse outside of town, we thought you would prefer a visit to a workshop close to the city centre: everything you buy from us is made at the back of our shop, on a digital router.

Designing for local production
The style of our products reflects our design principle:
- We use a special birch ply composite throughout, in order to get edges we can polish to a smooth finish. Our software optimises the use of each sheet with smaller products to spread the cost of this material and reduce waste.
- All the parts of our products are cut from the same material to avoid depending on industrial fittings. This simplifies our supply chain and shortens our lead-time.
- We only deliver in London to eliminate the need for packaging and cut costs.
We hope you like the style which is the logical outcome of this process.

We design along a single principle; less dependence on heavy industrial processes, more use of innovative digital tools adapted to the small workshop.

Making to order : more choice for you, less stock for us

Having no stock, we can already offer you more than 100 product lines from a very small location. Adding finish and size options, we have a growing catalogue of more than 2000 products to choose from. Our organisation simplifies logistics and cuts costs: we do without warehousing, transportation or packaging. This is we can propose prices competing with mass-production on a considerably reduced footprint.

The pleasure of making things differently
Unto This Last is the title of a book written in 1860 by John Ruskin. He advocated a return to the local craftsman workshops, having a few doubts about the human cost of the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to today's technology, we make distributed manufacturing happen - with a competitive edge. If you continue to support our approach, we plan to grow by duplicating our workshop in other locations, for your convenience, and the pleasure of making things differently.