Angle Table Small
Angle Table Small
Angle Table Small
Angle Table Small

Angle Table Small


The Angle Table Small, one of our most popular products, comes fully assembled with no fixings. The legs are NOT DETACHABLE and are fixed to the table top. 

It works well as a desk, or can seat 4 as a small dining table. 
Space for chairs between the legs is  24 cm less than the table top 

Standard Table Height: 75 cm
When you order a made to measure size,  you can also adjust the height from 65 cm (for kids) to 90 cm (to use as desk with a high chair) 

Floor to beam 63cm (standard table height)
Beam to top 12cm

Linoleum top can be added to the table top, for colour, ease of maintenance and soft comfort.

The Angle Table Small cannot have an extension added.

A range of cable management options is also available when you use the table as a desk. Please see our cable management options in "Accessories".


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