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sausage facts and trivia



• The word sausage is derived from the Latin word salsus which means something salted.

• Sausages are mentioned in The Odyssey which was written by Homer more than 2,700 years ago:

"These goat sausages sizzling here in the fire -
we packed them with fat and blood to have for supper.
Now, whoever wins this bout and proves the stronger,
Let that man step up and take his pick of the lot!"

• Dick Turpin worked as a butcher.

• Queen Victoria was fond of sausages but insisted that the meat be hand chopped rather than minced.

• Sausages were called bangers during the Second World War because they contained so much water they exploded when fried.


• During the year to July 2003 we ate 175,000 tones of sausages worth £487 million.

• The value of the premium sausage sector grew by 25% in 2003.

• 90% of British households buy sausages, 50% at least every 4 weeks.

• Each household spends an average of £22.24 per year on sausages.

• Every day, 5 million Britons will eat sausages.

• Sausages are the single most important food served at barbecues, being eaten at 71%.

• More sausages are eaten on Saturday than any other day.

• Around 18% of sausages are eaten for breakfast and 44% for the evening meal.

• Grilling is the most popular cooking method used for 44% of all sausages followed by frying at 23% and baking at 20%.

• 30% of the sausage market is classified as premium, 58% as standard, 8% as low fat and 4% as economy.

• 83% of sausages are made from pork.

• 66% of sausages are sold by the top 5 supermarket chains.

• The largest brand is Richmond Irish Sausages who sell a staggering £40 million per year.

Are you Satisfyingly Sophisticated?

• The Meat And Livestock Commission has identified 6 situations where we eat sausages:

· Barbecues
· Breakfast
· As comfort food
· For children's meals
· Snacks
· The lunch box

• They have also identified the emergence of a seventh which is described as "Satisfyingly Sophisticated". This is where gourmet sausages are being used in ways which go beyond the traditional sausage & mash and toad in the hole dishes.

All numbers taken from "Sausages A Category Report" published by The Meat and Livestock Commission.

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sausage facts