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Britain's Best Banger: vote now and win...

Our competition to find the butcher or farm shop that makes Britain's Best Banger is still going strong. The results will be announced this Autumn. Please follow the link to find out about the competition, prizes and how to vote. Votes so far have covered England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland plus a few for Boston and Poland. Most have voted for a specific Sausage maker however we have had a few dozen for each of the major supermarkets plus one for Richmond Irish.

» Britain's Best Banger: vote now and win.

We want to find out what the sausage fanatics like. Please vote and add "newsletter" to your entry. We will publish the results of your votes in the next newsletter. By voting you can win a sausage lovers ultimate day out and you can also win a complete sausage starter pack worth £55 from those nice people at www.sausagemaking.co.uk

Win sausages from Jimmy's Farm...

The Essex Pig Company is well known to many people as "Jimmy's Farm". They make superb, rare breed sausages and now have a range of 10 sausages. They have a weekly farmers market at the Farm on the first Saturday of each month. As well as the Essex Pig Company there are usually over 30 high quality producers - highly recommended!

The Essex Pig Company have kindly donated a box of their sausages, bacon and meat. To win this please send us an

Spooky Sausages and Bonfire Bash Pack

www.sausagemaking.co.uk are running a Halloween competition for Children to design a Spooky Sausage.

For children to enter they have to design a spooky sausage. Whether it is a dressed up sausage, a sausage recipe, a picture of a scary sausage, a photograph or a design on a plate with a sausage. There will be three categories:

There will be a first, second and third prize for each category. First prizes are a Bumper Trick and Treat Pack, second and third prizes will be Spooky Mystery Prizes.

Sausagemaking are also offering a Special Limited Edition Sausage Kit - BONFIRE BASH PACK. This great Bonfire Bash Pack comes with a Special Edition Recipe Book with recipes for Apple and Lincolnshire Sausages, Hickory BBQ Burgers, Delicious Sausage Casserole, Bonfire Parkin Delicious Warming Mulled Wine and a Baked Potato recipe with a twist! Worth £25.00. Now only £ 20.00.

British Sausage Week 2005

Takes place between 24 - 30 October. National events include a Bangers and Mash Clash judged by that British matriarch Christine Hamilton and the Banger Awards.

The Banger Awards recognise people, organisations (and websites) who have promoted the British Sausage. To vote for (your favourite Sausage website) you can e-mail .

Sausage producers across the country will be holding promotions and events. We will list as many as possible, please let us know if you are running such an event.

As well as encouraging gratuitous sausage consumption, the week is also an important fund raising event for the Cystic Fibrosis charity.

Sausage awards

The 2005 Great Taste Awards and National Sausage Competition took place recently.

The Great Taste awards are described as the "Oscars" of the food industry and cover every type of food ranging from tea to chutney to ice cream. Entrants tend to be from small producers and farm shops. They have 6 sausage classes and 4 for bacon. A full report will be added to the site this week.

The National Championships are aimed at butchers. The 2005 Sausage Champion was from Hinchliffes Farm Shop of Huddersfield. Full details on www.untothislast.co.uk.

But are products you can buy in the shops as good as the prize winners? Are competition entrants making special products with better ingredients and more time, winning awards and then selling inferior products? This is a worry for me, especially when I see how many awards are dished out at most events.

We will find out - the blind testing of our own Britain's Best Banger competition will also include a few top sausages from the Great Taste and National events.

Sausages and wine

We have combined taste buds with Noel Young Wines to assemble a case of wines matched with sausages and sausage recipes. The full retail value (including delivery) would be over £89 but you can buy this case online for only £69.95 delivered (the case is listed under 'Mixed Case Selections - September-October 2005').

Sausages themselves make a great match to wine and with such diversity in the 'banger' you can have great fun finding the right wine. This is not meant to be an exact science! We have selected wines and then come up with a sausage or recipe where we know they marry very well, but it is really intended to give you an idea of the possible matches.

Sausages are quite forgiving when it comes to wine, and the most fun is to be had experimenting, as it is also with sausages themselves, be it from local butchers, specialist mail order companies or supermarkets.

1. Alpha Zeta 'G' Garganega, Italy 2004
This is a lovely, tangy, fresh and aromatic white; just off-dry and packed with citrus fruit - a great match to a plain, meaty Pork sausage, or even better in a white wine casserole with shallots, parmesan, white wine and chicken stock.

2. Les Charmes Bergerac Sec, France 2004This is a delicious, organic white blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. Great with a Pork & Leek sausage (no gravy though please!), perhaps with a salad, or some green vegetables.

3. Yalumba 'Y' Riesling, Australia 2003
Forget your prejudices! This is a cracking, tangy, dry Riesling with lovely lime fruits. Great with meaty Pork sausages when served in a rich, creamy casserole. Try with Pork & Smoked bacon sausages in a Dijon mustard and cream sauce - the crispness of the Riesling cuts through the creaminess.

4. Alamos Chardonnay, Argentina 2004
This is a fabulous oak-aged white wine from the multi-award winning Catena winery. This too would be good with the rich, creamy, pork & smoked bacon casserole, or for a change, try with a non-spiced Pork & Apple sausage.

5. Domaine des Escaravailles Cotes du Rhone Rosť 'Les Antimagnes', France 2004
This delicious, dry, fruity rosť is great with a number of sausages, but particularly good with lightly spiced styles, try with a Cajun styled for example or any with a bit of chilli.

6. Andes Peaks Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah, Chile 2003
This award-winning red is packed full of deep red and black brambly fruits - would be excellent with rich sausages such as Venison or Wild Boar, and even more so if there is some fruit involved.

7. Massaya Classic Red, Lebanon 2003
This is a superb new property in the Bekka Valley - a modern styled, juicy, vibrant red. Try with classic, spicy sausages such as a Merguez, or even Pork & Apricot sausages.

8. Magpie Estate 'The Beak' Shiraz-Grenache-Mataro, Australia 2004
Our best selling red; a brilliant wine with bags of plum & black cherry fruits and just a touch of oak. A great all-round sausage red, try in particular with Beef sausages, though it is equally at home with a rich, spicy Boerewors - or your favourite, be it Cumberland or herb with mashed potatoes and gravy!

9. Domaine de L'Espigouette Cotes du Rhone, France 2003
A lovely, old vine Cotes du Rhone, full of spicy berry fruits; keep it local and drink with Toulouse sausages, alternatively try with the classic Toad in the Hole.

10. Juan Gil Monastrell, Spain 2004
This is a powerful, old vine red made with the Monastrell grape - it's a great Autumn/Winter warmer of a red and is glorious with barbecued sausages by the bonfire, or try with Pork & Stilton sausages.

11. Deakin Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia 2002
This has lovely, juicy, cassis fruit characters, making it a perfect match to lamb sausages, especially Lamb & Mint - the ripe cassis cuts through the slightly fattier characters of lamb while complimenting the mint.

12. Paul Boutinot Touraine Pinot Noir Reserve Personelle, France 2003
A superb, ripe Pinot Noir from the Loire Valley in France; this works really well with smoked sausages, or even a more delicate Chicken & Tarragon snag.

The British Sausage

A one day seminar on the British Sausage will be held on the 20 October in Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire.

This is mainly aimed at the meat trade and anyone who wishes to improve their sausage knowledge and will review technical issues, ingredients and the marketplace.

For full details see www.campden.co.uk/training/conference.htm .