About Us

The Workshop in the City

We design our working environment with the same care as our products.

In our open workshop, we work in front of the public.
We know we are judged on the values demonstrated by our process.

We need this process to be attractive. Our workshop has to meet the expectations of our customers: you want us to be small, friendly, approachable, but also neat, efficient, and cost-effective.

Our clients want more than good value and elegance in a product. The process that created this product needs to be elegant as well. This compels us to make our working environment as interesting as our products. 

Local is Logical

We believe that manufacturing at the point of sale makes business sense.

Our process allows us to produce with no transport or warehousing costs, and without the risk of overstocking. With direct delivery to our clients (in London only) we also do away with packaging. This enables us to compete on prices, in spite of our small scale. We invest in a logic of proximity when most of competitors are relying on long distance supply chains.

"Efficiency at a human scale" is what our business is about.

Duplicating our Setup

Enabling other people to set up on their own.

With our clients' support, we would like to develop our product range and methods, and help other people to set up on their own. Over the last 10 years, we focused on a single purpose: enabling a two person team to produce at competitive prices. We enrolled everything that could contribute to it: parametric modelling, digital tools, lean manufacturing methods. We developed bespoke software to make our production completely flexible, adjusting to the variation of our raw materials, as well as to the dimensions required by our clients.

The next step is to duplicate or franchise our process.



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