Delivery & Aftercare


We only deliver within Central London: keeping things local allows us to provide the service and warranty our customers expect. We deliver our furniture without packaging, enabling us to compete on price in spite of our small scale. We have also started using electric bikes are are working towards making it our standard. For all these reasons, we are currently not able to deliver outside the London area, including organising orders for international delivery and shipping.

  • Pick up at shop: Organise your own collection, baring in mind that we do not provide any packaging for our furniture. We are open everyday between 10am and 6pm, including weekends.

  • Daytime business deliveries - £75: Choose a date and time convenient for you at check-out. Operating within Central London only.

  • Evening deliveries - £29: Tuesday to Thursday, between 6-10pm. Operating on a postcode basis (Tuesdays: SE; Wednesdays: W - SW - WC - NW; Thursdays: E - EC - N). 


    Lead Time

    When placing your order and prior to checking out, please indicate your preferred delivery date. Our order book is currently full for the next 4 weeks. As soon as the workshop becomes available, we start working on your order to finish it just a day or two before the agreed delivery date. We will keep you updated on the status of your order by SMS, therefore please ensure the contact details you provide at checkout are correct and up to date.


    Maintenance & care 

    Your product has been finished with OSMO Hard Wax Oil. 

    We use their Polyx Oil Original.

    This is a natural product made of vegetable oil and waxes, which cannot crack or flake like a standard varnish.

    We use Hard Wax Oil because it wears very nicely with time. Any cuts or stain can be removed with a dry washing-up scourer, or sand paper, and re-oiled. This is because Hard Wax Oil does not create a layer on top of the wood but penetrates into it to prevent dirt to get in, and keep the wood looking beautiful.

    It is a surface that does welcome a bit of love and care! A shelf or a sideboard, which are rarely touched, should not require any maintenance, but a table, especially a kitchen table will age better if you top up the oil every six month or every year, depending on usage. This is particularly true for our Edge Grain ply range and walnut or dark oak surfaces.

    Standard maintenance

    • Clean the surface and let it dry. (Alcohol base products -glass cleaner- are ok)
    • Check there is no stain visible
    • Apply Hard Wax oil THINLY (this is key) with a piece of cloth of kitchen roll.
    • Rub it in as evenly and thinly as you can. A thick layer, built up on top of the wood, will not increase protection. Let it dry overnight.

    Stain or scratches removal

    When the product has worn a bit, some stains could mark the surface of the wood. Try to remove the stain with a sponge or scourer first, to check if it has penetrated in the wood. If this is the case, you need to remove the stain with more scourer action, or fine wire wool (rubbing along the grain). Use sandpaper for deep scratches or stubborn stains only. Then re-apply a few coats of oil (let it dry overnight between coats)


    Top tips form our Fabric supplier - Camira to care and maintain your fabric:

    • Vacuum your fabrics regularly to prevent build-up of dust and dirt on the fabric surface.
    • Get to spills and stains quickly. Mop up the excess liquid using kitchen roll or a damp cloth. Then clean using upholstery shampoo, detergent, or hand wash.
    • Always use a branded upholstery shampoo. Alternatively, both wool and polyester can be dry cleaned.
    • For spill or stain prone areas, a stain repellent finish can be applied to certain fabrics. Alternatively, choose a wipe down upholstery solution.

    If you can't find the information you need, please check the full cleaning guide.


    Warranty & Repairs

    We offer a three year guarantee against production defects within our delivery area. Production defects are issues such as failed joints, de-lamination or cracks that are a result of mistakes made during the production process.

    For damage not resulting from production defects, we are also happy to help. General maintenance and cleaning instructions can be found on our website, but if things are a little too complex to resolve yourself, please email us a picture and we will advise a solution. Challenging repairs can be organised at our workshop; repair price is based on time and material required.

    Please contact us at for further detail, with your proof of purchase and order confirmation number.


    Product Satisfaction

    We hope you will be happy with your products. Each piece is designed, manufactured and quality checked to our standards before being dispatched. Should your products be faulty, damaged, misdescribed or not matching your expectations, please contact us to discuss the possibility of making changes to them. If you wish to make changes to your order while it is being processed, please contact us at

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