CAD-CAM operator

This is a full-time job, based here at the shop.
The CAD CAM operator is in charge of the maintenance and the development of our extensive database of  3D models and CAM instructions files in Solidworks and Camworks.  
The candidate for the job must be ready to spend some time in the workshop, to understand  the problems of the production team and imagine solutions.

Experience welcome:
CNC programming, woodworking, product lifecycle management, product database management.  
We are looking for a very organised, practical and meticulous person, able to contribute to our project by helping production and product development. 

To apply, please send us an email with subject “CAD CAM” with a CV and cover letter:


This is a full-time job, based here at the shop.
The Sales Manager is in charge of our client relationship: In the shop, on the phone and online. The job’s main purpose is to ensure a good client experience from first enquiry to delivery. Because of our focus on the local economy, this is an ideal job for a local East End resident.The job involves:  

  • Answering emails and phone calls
  • Organizing and checking deliveries
  • Improving the web site
  • Meeting with business clients
  • Maintaining an attractive shop

Experience required: E-commerce, Retail and promotion, preferably selling products for the home.
Experience welcome: Marketing, sales to business clients, promoting a venue, logistics.
We are looking for a very hands-on, practical person, with excellent English and proven organizational skills.

To apply, please send us an email with subject “Sales Manager” with a CV and cover letter:


To keep up with demand, we are expanding our production team and recruiting furniture maker. There is an opportunity for a week based full-time position and a weekend based position.
We are expecting candidates to be able to demonstrate organisation, planning and analytical skills applied to practical problem solving.
Experience in lean manufacturing would be most welcome.
As we manufacture directly in front of the public, we are looking for people interested in client service as well as in production. 

To apply, please send us an email with subject “Furniture Maker” with a CV and cover letter clearly stating your interest in Unto This Last, as well as your availability:



We are looking for a self-motivated photographer to create new pictures for our website.There are 2 parts to the role:
The main part will be working directly in the workshop where you will be taking pictures of product on our white background and preparing them for the web.
The second part would be to extend the range of our makers portraits which is an important element of our brand.
Photoshop knowledge essential, additional experience with Illustrator and Shopify welcome.
Job Type: Un-Paid Internship (£300 Towards Travel and Lunch Costs)
Duration: 4 Weeks

To apply, please send us an email with subject “Internship” with a CV and cover letter:




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