Core Material

Birch Plywood
This is the base of all our products. We love birch plywood for its strength, sustainability and simple beauty. Our birch is sourced from FSC-certified Latvian forests, planted and cultivated for this purpose. This is our chosen material for structural integrity and lightness.

Birch ply is not suitable for furniture left permanently outdoors, but would happily take a shower from time to time if allowed to dry afterwards. This makes it perfectly durable in kitchens and bathrooms.

Hard Wax oil

To protect wood surfaces and plywood edges we use OSMO Hard Wax Oil. We use their Polyx Oil Original. This is a natural product made of vegetable oil and waxes, which cannot crack or flake like a standard varnish. The wood will be sensitive to water and heat, especially when new, but will age beautifully. Check our maintenance instructions for more details.
Please note: because hard wax oil is a natural product, the colour it gives to the wood will change with time towards a warmer honey finish. This process will take place over a couple of month. It is faster is the wood is exposed to the sun. This means that a "fresh" oak will look whiter than a seasoned one, a "new" walnut will appear bluer than on a product a couple of month old. 

3 Standard Finishes

Our original white finish is a classic choice for clean style and versatility. The melamine coated laminate, manufactured under high pressure and temperature has a scratch and heat resistance equivalent to Formica.

Oak & Walnut
If wood’s more your thing, we offer beautiful white American Oak and Black Walnut veneers to compliment our Plywood core. This is a natural material that we hand-finish and seal with a mix of oil and wax.


Add-on options


On our table tops, but also on coffee tables we can add a layer of thick, tough but soft linoleum in 20 different colours. This material is scratch and stain resistant, while at the same time being warm to the touch with a matt appearance.


See the full colour range at Forbo and further information their furniture linoleum here.



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