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Coronavirus Update:

Our workshop is fully functional under new lockdown restrictions.

Lead time currently will be 4-5 weeks.

    Product information


    1. What are the cushion fillings made of?
      We are proud to introduce a foam and polyester free cushion filling to our customers. Our seat cushion is made of Coconut fibre wrapped in 100% Feather and the back cushion are 100% Feather filled both in cotton fabric.
    1. Do you make the cushions in your workshop?
      In fact we do! Our upholsterer – Nat sews all the covers in our upholstery workshop.
    1. Could we assemble the sofa ourselves?
      Indeed you can! All you need is an extra pair of hands, a 4mm hex screw driver and you're ready to go. 

      1. I am allergic to feathers, what can you offer?
        We can offer hollowfiber filled cushions instead.
      1. Is the sofa suitable for commercial use?
        We currently offer 2 fillings for our clients. Our soft filling is the standard coconut fibre wrapped in 100% Feather cushion more suitable for domestic use. And a firm filling option of classic firm foam in boxed cushion finish more suitable for commercial use.
      1. What is a fabric ‘Rub test’?
        A fabric rub test (Martindale test) is a measurement indication of how durable the fabric is according to the amount of times discs can oscillate sandpaper or wool across the fabric before it starts to show distress. Fabric is categorized by a numerical score, the higher the score the more durable it is. General domestic use are from 15,000 – 25,000, our Main Line Flax by Camira has over 50,000 cycles.
      1. Is the cushion cover removable?
        Yes! All our cushion covers are removable, should you wish to order an extra set of cover or replace them in the future we could do so too.

      Maintenance & Care

      1. What is the '10 years structure guarantee' that you offer?
        We try our best to make products that lasts or even able to be passed down through generations. For all customers who live within our standard London delivery range, we offer 10 year guarantee of the frame structure of the sofa. Exterior wears and tears due to use will not be considered.

      2. Can I machine wash my cushion cover?
        Unfortunately, because the fabric is made of Wool & Flax, it is not machine washable. You can however follow tips provided by our fabric supplier to maintain your cover, click here to download the cleaning guide.
      1. Any tips on disinfecting fabrics?
        Due to Covid, we understand that cleaning and disinfection has been a popular topic discussed. In response to such challenging times, our supplier has a very thorough guide on how to do so. Click here to download.
      1. How to plump your cushions?
        If you have a feather wrap cushion, to ensure your cushions are always at their best and maintain its shape. All you have to do is give them a plump every now and then. 
      1. Pick the cushion up and give it a little shake.
      2. Then you can give the cushions a couple of whacks on each side and the center.
      3. Place the cushions back and you are ready to relax!
      1. Could I replace the cushion covers if it’s beyond repair?
        The reason to purchase items locally through us is that our company is ready to go an extra mile to help you maintain and repair your product. Stop the throwing away culture and to help create a product that lasts. We are able to provide recovering service for our upholstery products.

      Please email our Upholstery maker – Nat by clicking here to discuss further.




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