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Real Meat Company Harrogate - Wild Boar Toulouse

sausage of the week By: Real Meat Company - Harrogate

Regular customers of the Real Meat Company may have already tried their Wild Boar. If you haven?t, you are missing a treat! This is genuine Wild Boar sourced from what used to be known as Yugoslavia. The meat is described as a cross between lamb and pork. It has a strong flavour and is very lean.

The Harrogate team have used the meat to make a Toulouse style sausage made with red wine and garlic. The sausages are dark with a good course texture and a smattering of fat. Cooked, the texture of the sausage is similar to a Haggis ? with grains of tasty, lean meat.

Spices include nutmeg and cinnamon, the cooking smell is actually reminiscent of a cake baking ? if you don?t believe is you will have to try for yourself!

Initial reactions are that this is dry sausage but once you eat one you appreciate the distinctive taste. They are good baked but are probably best slow cooked in a casserole. They cost 10.47 and are available from the Harrogate shop (however other branches may make sausages with the same meat).

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