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Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon - Prime Pork

sausage of the week By: Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon

It has been many moons since I wrote a SOTW, this has been due to laziness, mountain biking and a lack of really exciting sausages. Fortunately, the new year has brought new enthusiasm. A recent trip to Bath Farmers market (Saturday mornings at Green Park Station) allowed me to visit the Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon stall for a large pack of bacon off-cuts (a superb mix of bacon pieces which are ideal for cooking and very good value) plus a pack of sausages priced at a very reasonable 5.75 a kilo.

The sausages were packaged in old fashioned plastic, pushed together into a oblong with a poorly printed label they dont look very appealing. Luckily appearances were wrong because these were very fine sausages. They have a smooth, moist texture, a decent pepper kick and a subtle hint of nutmeg. They are a perfect British Banger and we ate ours for Saturday breakfast in sausage sandwiches.

Sandridge are pig farmers based in Wiltshire and specialise in bacon and hams made with high welfare pigs reared on the family farm. Wiltshire is a famous pig farming area. Mrs Beeton stated in 1861 that Wiltshire bacon is cured with dry salt and sugar for a month before being dried. The bacon is now soaked in brine for 3 - 4 days before being dried, this is proper bacon with no added water which does not shrivel in the pan and definitely does not leach white gunk!

The Wiltshire cure is recognised method of making bacon , As with much of our food heritage it is now being abused by some of the supermarkets - Jamie Oliver recently highlighted Somerfield selling Wiltshire bacon which was actually made from foreign pigs in his Saving the Bacon programme.

As for the sausages, they scored a solid 8 out of 10 in our scoring system. Great value sausages, dont be put off by the packaging - give them a try!

You can buy Sandridge products direct from them (mail order and farm shop), at markets in Wiltshire and Avon and at stockists in Berkshire, Wiltshire and thereabouts.

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