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Barrow Boar - Wild Boar & Apple

sausage of the week By: Barrow Boar

Friday morning saw the Until The Last Sausage team (i.e me and my long suffering spouse/daughters) setting out for Shepton Mallet and the 2006 Bath and West Show.

County agricultural shows, especially large, major shows are great opportunities to buy local food, see the animals the food has come from, buy a few choice plants (my other hobby), drink cider, watch show jumping, drink cider etc.

This show was attended by over 40,000 people per day over 3 days, our highlights were the black smithing competition (shoe a horse from scratch in just over an hour) and a superb Punch & Judy show (I forgot how integral sausages are to the plot!). Have a look at Sausage News & Events for a listing of most County Shows and food events.

Pig in a Day DVD

River Cottage had a stall. From this we splashed out 18 on a signed "Pig in a Day" DVD. This tells you all you need to know about rearing pigs and then follows High and his butcher friend Ray as they turn a pig into a mouth watering selection of cuts, bacon, ham, sausages and salami. Being the kind hearted types we will be giving this away in the next newsletter - sign up below to have a chance!

Barrow Boar

Barrow Boar are based in nearby Yeovil and had made 3 special sausages for the show. I tried the Wild Boar & Apple for 2.50 a pack (normal price is 4 for a 450g pack). These are made with finely minced wild boar and apple.

They are specialists in exotic meat, also selling Kid, Buffalo, Ostrich, Crocodile,Kangaroo even Frogs legs (but not in sausages!).

Wild Boar

Wild Boar or Sus Scrofa are the ancestors of all pigs. They are free range, outdoor pigs who live in small groups or 'sounders'. They like to live in woods and contray to popular myth are shy and highly unlikely to harm humans. They are breeding in the UK, especially in the South and West. Think of them as gamey rare breed pork.

For more information on Boar look at Wild Boar

The sausage

As a free range animal the meat is, dark, flavorsome and well marbled with fat. The sausages cooked well with little fat loss, they have soft natural skins and are made with a chunky minced texture and have a good bite and plenty of flavour. They were moist, meaty and very tasty with a slightly gamey, strong pork taste. You can tell that this is not a bland industrial sausage, one minor downside was the minimal apple taste (but the apples probably kept the sausage nice and moist). Adults and children liked them (even with a honey roast chipolatas on offer).

We give them a score of 8 on our scoring system.

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