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Valvona & Crolla - Fonteluna

sausage of the week By: Valvona & Crolla

When the finest Italian food shop in the country only sells one fresh sausage, you know it''''s going to be good. Valvona & Crolla''''s Fonteluna doesn''''t disappoint. This is a solid, semi cured sausage flavoured with chili and fennel. As it is semi cured it can be eaten raw as a salami or cooked.

It can be cooked by either frying or grilling. As it is a dry sausage it really needs a wet sauce - I like it diced in a tomato sauce, thinly sliced and used as a pizza topping or with peppers .

It''''s not cheap at 4.95 for 265g but this is concentrated, strong tasting sausage with no water or cheap filer. Highly recommended!

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