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Brindisa - Leon cooking chorizo

sausage of the week By: Brindisa

I usually eat a SOTW week whilst typing, that way I can describe the taste direct from the horse''s mouth - or so to speak. No need with this Iberian beauty, it packs a memorable punch which lingers on the palate for several minutes. This is a cooking chorizo, my favorite cooking sausage (sorry butchers), from the best and most authentic supplier in the country. Don''t confuse this with the sad looking discs of red salami you see in the supermarkets.

Brindisa Leon is a spicy, meaty sausage made with meat, paprika, garlic and oregano (no chili). No cheap fillers or additives, it is then smoked for a few days over oak. The result is a firm sausage which will keep for over a month. They cook with almost no moisture loss and no gunk in the pan. Inside they are bright red (avoid my mistake and dont slice them on your new wooden chopping board), moist and absolutely wonderful, they have real heat but it is softened by the smoke of the paprika and the oak. Brindisa suggest a charcoal grill or cooking them in a stew, or with beans,. They are similar to the sausages served on the Brindisa stall at Borough Market - served in a roll with rocket. They are also good sliced in thick coins, fried and served as a tapas.

They cost around 13 per kilo - a fair price for one of the best sausages around! You buy them at Borough Market or at the Brindisa shop in Exmouth market (32 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London). They have also opened a Tapas restuarant at Borough Market which sounds very tempting.

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