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sausage of the week By: Well Hung Meat Company

After a barren patch of sausage inspiration along comes two prime examples in the same week. This week we have the superb Toulouse style offering from the WHMC, next week a outstanding Mutton & Rosemary sausage from Wickcroft Farm Shop.

Back to the current SOTW. This is a superb cooking sausage made with meat, lots of garlic, herbs, salt and pepper. It is certainly good eaten with sausages & mash etc but really needs to be cooked as part of a dish to appreciate the flavour.

Everything is organic (including the skins). This is a course cut, chunky sausage which oozes garlic. Plenty of smell (raw and cooked), not much fat loss, tastes great and leaves a lingering garlic taste in the mouth. Quite superb, unlike many organic sausages which are made with pure meat this one is moist. Peel a baked or grilled sausage apart and you can see real chunks of meat and fat.

You need to cook them slowly, as with any 100% meat sausage there is no filler to hold fat and moisture - fast cooking will dry them out. This is sausage for Cassoulet or Pasta sauce.

Considering the quality they are good value at 8.49 per kilo. Highly recommended!

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