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producers - Pork, Apple & Cinnamon

By: (Egan Johnson)

Having picked 8 bags of the things at the weekend, apples are the flavour of the month in the sausagelinks household. To go with our apples we brough a loin of pork from Wickcroft Farm Shop and had apple crumble for afters.

Apple and pork and are well known Autumn combination and in this sausage Egan Johnson (of Northwich,Cheshire) has got it just right. Sausages made with apple are often moist and popular with children because of the slight sweet edge. This one has this but adds a grown up hint of Cinnamon. This meaty sausage is made with bramley apples and at least 75% pork form shoulder and belly.

We simply grilled our and ate them with mash and some apple sauce. The apple really stood out when we tried them cold. They would also work well in a casserole such as Sausage braised in cider. An excellent Autumn banger for a very reasonable 2.49 per pound.

Until The Last Sausage readers can also beneft from discounts on orders of over 5lb - 1.99 per pound for standard sausages and 2.49 for fat free or gluten free sausage. Just order more than 5lb and mention on the order form!

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