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Clonakilty Black Pudding

sausage of the week By: Edward Twomey

Clonakilty Back Pudding makes Black & White puddings using recipes dating back to the 1880''''''''s. They also make award winnig sausages and bacon.

The Black Pudding won a Bronze award at the 1999 Great Taste Awards, having just eaten a plate fried with thick River Cottage bacon and splashed with balsamic vinegar I think the judges must have had a Black Pudding downer that year, they made up for it with a Gold in 2003. This is superb, gourmet pudding made with 24% oatmeal, beef fat, onions and a secret spice blend. This is the pudding for the sceptics to try, as light as a French Boudin Noir and was popular with two 5 year olds!

Unlike many puddings which can be heavy this is light, it usually breaks up when you fry it but this allows the oats to pop in the pan and crispy edges to form. Anyone who is fond of West Country Hogs Puddings, should try this - they both have the groat popping crispness.

The website has lots of information and great recipes including Bacon, Clonakilty Black pudding and Goats Cheese Pizza and Clonakilty Black pudding and Rhubarb Pastries. This is not cheap stodge to fill out a cooked breakfast!

It is available from the shop in Clonakilty, throughout Ireland in corner shops and most supermarkets, sadly for us Brits it is only available in the posh London food halls - try Harrods, Harvey Nichols or Fortnum & Mason. They will soon be stocked in Fresh & Wild shops in London and Bristol.

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