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Manor Born - Tasty Thai

sausage of the week By: Manor Born

A recent trip to the BBC Good Food show yielded these as the pick of my (otherwise disappointing) sausage yield. The problem of going to lots of large food shows is that they have the same crowd of exhibitors who are ''''on the circuit''''. Better to go to the large regional events.

We have mixed feelings about Manor Born, which feature in our Producer and Supermarket sections. Nevertheless these are good, tasty sausages, made with 76% Yorkshire Pork and 7% chilli sauce. As with all Manor Born products the packaging is excellent and they are producing interesting sausages without resorting to gimmicks.

They cook well with hardly any gunk or fat in the pan and little shrinkage. Initially the spice (mainly from all that chilli sauce plus coriander, ginger and garlic) is subtle but they build up to medium hot. Not one to use as a base for a Thai curry (unlike other fiery sausages from Riverford Farm Shop, and Cranbourne Stores) but a good spicy sausage that works hot and cold. We grilled ours, sliced them whilst warm, mixed them with some cooked dried Chinese noodles, peas and spring onion and added few drops of chilli sauce. And very nice for a Monday dinner they were!

They will probably cost around 2 per 400g pack and be in the supermarkets (and Manor Born is most definatly on the national food circuit!).

Overall a credible 7 in our Taste Test.

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