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Lishmans of Ilkley - Pork and Black Pudding

sausage of the week By: Lishmans of Ilkley

Large chunks of Lishmans own black pudding give this sausage a distinctive appearance and makes for a juicy, succulent sausage. The black pudding does not dominate the taste or appearance, during cooking it pretty much dissolves away but adds succulence and flavour.

This is therefore a sausage which should even tempt those who will not normally try black pudding - it might even convert them!

The sausages cost a reasonable 5.50 per kg. Lishmans use a variety of rare breeds in sausages and offer an excellent choice of around 10 varieties with new flavours on a regular basis. They also offer a fruity black pudding. This is often used as a starter and is made with lemon, brown sugar and sultanas.

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