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Musks - Newmarket Sausage

By: Musks of Newmarket

Musks claim that the recipe for their Newmarket Sausages has been unchanged for over 120 years. They are made in small batches with 75% pork shoulder, bread and natural skins. Most British sausages are made with rusk as the cereal ingredient. Musks claim that the fresh bread they use gives added flavour and succulence.

Following a trip to East Anglia we tried Musks against rival local sausages made by Lane Farm, Powters and Wicks Manor.

The Wicks Manor were disappointing, even MSG did not give them much flavour. From Lane Farm we ate the Brundish Sausage which was excellent. The Powters sausages was Gloucester Old Spot with Cider. Gloucester Old Spot is a traditional pig breed renowned for making tasty meat. It was on the endangered rare breed list but the explosion of quality meat producers has meant that the breed is growing in popularity. Given its quality meat we expected this sausage to be the best, it was ok but slightly bland and there was a sour taste from the cider. It was well beaten by the Musks Newmarket sausage.

This is a good English Banger, moist and succulent with a good hit of pepper. It was the favourite holt and cold with a meaty texture from course cut meat. You can buy them throughout East Anglia or on-line at the Musks website (but there is minimum order of 25. Worth a score of 8 out of 10 in our scoring system.

Musks and Powters are interesting because they are both local producers making a traditional product have secured distribution deals with the supermarkets - they are widely available throughout East Anglia. The Newmarket sausages has been around since the 1880s, it is claimed that they were produced as souvenirs for the race goers to take home. Musks also have the honour of holding Royal Warrants for the Queen and the Queen Mother. The packs of the Musks and Powters sausages quote calorie values for 100g of grilled sausages, They are 747 kilo joules for Powters and 965 for Musks - they taste better but have 30% more calories

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