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The Black Farmer - Premium Pork

sausage of the week By: The Black Farmer®

The Black Farmer is real man, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones who was born in the West Indies and now farms near the Devon/Cornwall border. He has worked in PR and it certainly shows in the slick website and packaging.

The sausages are top quality all round bangers made with 90% meat, real skins and gluten free. Winner of the 2004 Taste of the West Silver Medal, they cook well with little fat and almost no shrinkage. Popular with old and young they also went down very well in cold sausage sandwiches.

The PR campaign has been so good that they are stocked in Tesco, Asda, Salisbury's and Morrisons as well as independents and at food fairs in the South West. They are certainly as good as the best sausages in our supermarkets - Duchy Originals, Porkinson etc. They cost 2.09 for 400g in Salisbury's. One gripe is that despite the superb website there is actually nothing about the animals - where they come from, how they are reared etc.

I'm not sure whether the Black Farmer wants to be a niche supplier of high quality food or a national supplier - hopefully the former but on a large scale.

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