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M Moen & Sons - Spicy Italian

sausage of the week By: M.Moen & Sons

5 minutes walk from Clapham Common underground station and facing the lido and Clapham Common you will find one of the best butchers shops in London. In fact they are much more than a butcher: As well as every type of meat, game and around 10 sausage varieties you will also find jams, pickles, spices, olive oil, a deli and cheese counter, bread, fruit and vegetables.

The shop is specious and immaculate. Weathered wooden flooring, chrome and marble set the affluent, high quality tone. Bizarrely the meat displays are topped with a wide variety of dried fruit. When I visited on a Tuesday lunchtime they had 8 expert butchers serving and preparing food.

Given that this is a expensive shop in an affluent area the prices are high. My shopping included Rib eye steak at £25 a kilo (donít tell the wife - Tesco Finest is £14 per kilo), Pork Chops at £9.48 a kilo, Beef burgers at £6.60 a kilo, Streaky bacon at £9.60 a kilo and the sausages at £5.95 to £7.95 per kilo. This is a great food shop, as well as the meat I brought a jar of French sausages in lentils, Tracklements Mint Jelly and Rass El Hanout spices (this is the spice blend used in Moroccan cooking).

This is one of those butchers where I have to ask for 1 of each sausage variety and where they seem genuinely happy to indulge you. The butcher even gave me a list of the varieties - Toulouse, Merguez, Cumberland, Plain Pork, Lamb, Apricot & Thyme, Pork, Honey & Mustard, Spicy Italian, Venison and lastly Pork & Leek. Rather than using plastic bags, meat is wrapped in greaseproof paper.

All are well made, chunky sausages, you will get 4 or 5 to the pound and they are all made with free range pork with just the right amount of rusk and fat. The sausages are course cut with nice chunks of meat, moist and donít flood your pan with fat. They are good hot and cold.

I was disappointed by the best selling Plain Pork - it had a slightly cured taste. The other varieties more than compensated. Both of the Lamb sausages, Pork & Mustard (very good cold with potato salad) and Pork & Leek all stood out but my favourite was the Spicy Italian. This was flavoured with red and green peppers and garlic rather than the classic fennel but was spicy and satisfying.

A very strong range scoring 9 out of 10 in our scoring system. Just remember to stick with the specialist flavours.

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