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The Swan Inn - Pork & Leek

sausage of the week By: The Swan Inn, Inkpen

Yep, a quaint country pub with an organic shop attached. Doesn''t every English village have one?

Unfortunately not. Not only is the Swan a good local pub selling excellent organic food and beer but it has a well stocked food shop selling a wide range of food plus local meat from the owners farm (certified by the Soil Association).

The shop is open Wednesdays to Sundays (11am to 3pm) but if it is closed you may be able to be served by asking in the bar.

The Swan is situated in beautiful Berkshire countryside, just below Coome Gibbet, the highest point in Southern England at 974 feet. The more bloodthirsty visitor may be interested to know that local miscreants were hung from the gibbet and left as bird food.

The Swan is tucked away and does not have hordes of passing traffic accordingly the meat is vac packed and sold frozen. As well as beef they sell pork, lamb, ready prepared dishes and 2 or 3 sausage varieties. The sausages were slightly odd, being made with minced pork (a meaty 90%) which is a first for me.

They were nicely made with fresh green flecks from the leek and had a good, open texture. They held together well, even when eaten cold (sausage tasters eat cold sausages because this allows them to better appreciate the taste, texture and fat content). Overall they were pretty good. Lean but moist enough with good leek taste and not dry as many organic sausased can be. They are not cheap but still score 8 on our scoring system

If your passing drop in, have a pint and lunch while sausage hunting and then walk it off on the hill!

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