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Westaways - Hogs Pudding

sausage of the week By: Westaways Sausages

Unless you hail from the West Country or are adventurous you will probably not have sampled the delights of Hogs Pudding. These have been described as a Sassenach Haggis because they are made with the pig pluck (heart, liver and lungs).

The main feature of many a oogs (the H is silent) puding is groats, unpolished barley. This type of pudding will split as it cooks, the groats will heat up and start popping and you will have a superb crust where the meat and barley has cooked together. As you may have guessed, it was a traditional farmhouse food, made when every part of the pig had to be used.

The Westaways version is different because it is made with meat (quite low at 66%) and rusk flavoured with lots of pepper, nutmeg, thyme and parsley and coriander. This is packed into Ox runners and pre-cooked by boiling.

Even though Westaways are a Devon company, this is the Cornish seasoning, the Devon version has mace, nutmeg, thyme and cayenne.

It is designed to be eaten as as part of full, cooked breakfast like an Irish White Pudding (so we can forgive the low meat content). It is sold pre cooked in a ring, they suggest that you slice it thickly and fry or grill. Pretty good it is, well spiced and filling with a peppery kick which grows as you chew.

They can be brought at supermarkets (try Sainsbury's) in the South West, from the website and at food fairs in the South West. Price is around 2 for 400g.

We give them a score of 7 on our scoring system.

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