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River Cottage Sausages

sausage of the week By: River Cottage Foods

The first River Cottage Pig in a box was launched in June. 50 boxes at 89 a go sold out immediately. A second batch will be ready in a few weeks (see River Cottage for more information) and can be sent by courier to any UK address. The plan is for people to sign up for regular boxes.

The pork comes from free range, saddleback (a rare breed) pigs. The farm on which they are reard is hoping to obtain full organic certification by the end of the year. The food in the box is actually made in conjunction with High F-W by Wyndhams food who have a fine deli (selling sausages) in Poundbury (the model town) near Dorchester.

Included in the "cornucopia of pork delights" is no less than 4 different sausages. The Black Pudding was superb, probably the best we've had. It was a combination of the classic British pudding made with oats and barley plus a nod towards a Continental Boudin Blanc with cream and (unless I'm mistaken a dash of calvados). Having tried some the night before I was hoping that our guests (not black pudding fans)n would decline when we eat it with sausages, mash, onion gravy and apple puree. No chance! The greedy git's ate at least a third!

On to the main course. In Hugh's words the sausages are described thus:

"The River Cottage sausage is made with a precise blend of fresh herbs and spices. I've developed for my own home-made sausages over the past few years. And, as at home they're made with absolutely no preservatives. The result is a natural, no gimmicks, lightly spiced, mildly peppery sausages - good for breakfast, lunch or tea."

As with most home made sausages they are more chipolatta than extra thick. They certainly have a peppery bite and are made with real chunks of meat. Quite strong tasting and very meaty. As a 100% meat sausage they have no binder to hold fat so could verge on the dry, especially if over cooked.

Overall we liked them on a 7/10 rating but came to blows over the 10/10 black pudding.

We are working our way through the rest of the box (11 porky delights) and will report back in due course.

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