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Laverstoke Park Farm - Buffalo & Smoked Bacon

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sausage of the week sausage of the week
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By: Laverstock Park Farm

Most of us struggle to reach the top in one profession or trade. Jody Scheckter has already done it twice and in Laverstoke Park is creating what is arguably the most interesting and important quality food business in the country. Read our Producer Review for more information about this remarkable business,

The estate has a state-of-the-art abattoir and hanging rooms (beef carcases are hung for up to 41 days). All products are made on site, the range covers fresh meat (try the water buffalo and mutton), bacon (including beef bacon!), sausages, biltong, salami, pies, vegetables, beer, eggs plus buffalo dairy products such as milk, seven flavours of ice cream (including liquorice and grown up coffee), hard cheese and scrumptious fresh buffalo mozzarella. The website offers a personal money back guarantee from Jody Scheckter, I doubt that many people take him up!

My gut feeling is that whilst Laverstoke are already in the top echelon of meat producers it will be the buffalo products which take them to the podium.

Farm Shop

They are based near Overton in Hampshire and the farm shop is open throughout the week (closed Monday) closing at 4 pm on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday. The Laverstoke website has excellent directions for the farm shop, beware of using a sat nav and the RG25 3DR postcode - ours took us on a fruitless drive through Hampshire downland!


The sausage range is small but perfectly formed. Traditional pork (made with a recipe from a 1949 booklet), Cumberland, pork & leek, chipolatas, lamb & mint and the buffalo & smoked bacon. Pork sausages are sold at around £10 per kilo in the farm shop and website. The buffalo & smoked bacon are sold by Waitrose at £3.99 per 450g pack - which is 91p less than the website price of £4.90 - supermarket muscle in action!

All the sausages are meaty with no filler and good nuggets of moist meat and fresh herbs. I often find organic sausages to be a bit lifeless and dry, these ooze flavour.

They have recently started entering sausage competitions and won a one star award at the 2008 Great Taste Awards with the pork & leek. None of them are really breakfast bangers, they are excellent cold when you can appreciate the high meat content and robust seasoning. The taste of the buffalo & smoky bacon reminded me of a good American hot dog (without the emulsified filling) but a real knock out flavour which would be good in a casserole. If you like smoked food, salami etc you will love these.

The traditional pork and buffalo & smoked bacon score 9 out of 10 in our scoring system with 7 for the others.

Highly recomended!

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