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Sillfield Farm - Portuguese Chouricac

sausage of the week By: Sillfield Farm

This is a gluten free sausage made in the style of chorizo (any takers for what Chouricac means?). They are made with free range, rare breed pork, tomato puree, piri piri and seasoning.

They are a duel purpose sausage! They can either be treated as a raw sausage, cooked and eaten or hung up in a cool, dark room and eaten raw as salami. After hanging they will grow white mould and can be eaten raw! We have hung a batch up in our broom cupboard and will update this page with the results in a few weeks.

They cost ?10.95 per kilo, expensive but like everything from Sillfield are made with superb meat and are excellent. Strong tasting with a good kick of pepper and a fair amount of heat from the piri piri. They will be good on a barbecue, as a pizza topping or included in a Chorizo recipe such as Fabadas Asturianas (Spanish sausage casserole) or Chorizo and new potato stew.

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