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Chatswoth Farm Shop - Pork Sausages

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By: Chatsworth Farm Shop

Chatsworth farm shop in Derbyshire began life in a small tack room in 1977 selling meat and dairy from the estate. In 2009 it was selected as the FARMA Farm Retailer of the Year, in effect as the best farm shop in the country.

The food sold in the shop is primarily sourced from the estate, tenant farmers and from Derbyshire producers. More than 60% of products come from or are produced on the Chatsworth estate.

The shop is located a few miles from the actual Chatsworth estate in the village of Pilsey. Dont worry about getting lost, the shop is big and has its own brown tourist signs, if in doubt follow the coaches!

This is farm shopping on an epic scale but it is still grounded in farm and local produce (unlike many so called farm shops). Equipped with a dinky wicker basket you can purchase everything from wet fish to wild rabbit, rare breed pork, unusual cuts of meat, cakes, cheese, bread, produce etc. Something to try is Derbyshire Oatcake. These are cooked pancakes made with oat flour. They are similar to Staffordshire oatcakes and usually heated and used to wrap fillings such as cheese, ham and jam. Try them in the shop restaurant.

We brought flat ribs of beef for braising in beer, sausages, wild diced rabbit, oatcakes, smoked bacon, pork & leek sausages in onion gravy, golden sultanas, almond cake and white loaf. The butchery counter offers a wide range of meat and is very busy. We visited mid week in half term and there must have been at least 6 butchers working plus more working in the cutting room behind the counter.

They sell around 10 different sausage varieties made with free range pork, unfortunately the sausage pictures were deleted from the camera so we only have a slightly blurry picture from the farm shop restaurant. This is a very filling and generously sized portion of baked sausages with mash gravy and vegetables. This cost 7.95, we had 3 meaty sausages (2 would have been enough even for this glutton) densely packed with flavorsome meat with a good gravy and an unusual bashed mash. The fresh sausages we brought were equally good so Chatsworth scored 8 out of 10 in our scoring system.

Chatsworth is big, expensive (qaulity is high) and can be very crowded. One criticism is that so large and successful a shop could devote more resources to education and telling customers about provenance and the background to some of the excellent food they sell!

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