Angle Ply Table
Angle Ply Table
Angle Ply Table

Angle Ply Table


The Angle Ply table is a combination of our Angle and Plyseries tables.

The table tops are made of multiple layers of birch doweled together, and polished by hand to an exceptional smooth finish with interesting variations.

The legs come from our ever popular Angle Table which comes apart easily for transport. At  180x80 it  is a perfect large desk, or family-size table, seating 6. (140 cm width will seat 4). 

Should you need to, we can also make it in a range of bespoke sizes to fit a specific space. 

Standard Table Height: 75 cm

Please note that depth of this table cannot exceed 80cm, due to the nature of the design it may not be exactly 80 due to the slight varying in the thickness of the plywood. 



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