Dowel  shelf
Dowel  shelf
Dowel  shelf
Dowel  shelf
Dowel  shelf
Dowel  shelf
Dowel  shelf

Dowel shelf


Dowel Shelves come in 4 widths and  7 heights options.
Each box is  60 cm wide,  33  high, and 29 cm deep.
The standard shelf is sold without side or back panels. 

Shelves are 12 mm thick, laminated in white. Dowels are solid oak with internal metal threads.
Dowel Shelves are sold in parts, and assembled easily with no tool. All fixings are hidden inside the dowels.  

Two accessories are available to personalize your shelf: 

- A back panel  60x33 in oak veneer - £16 each 
(useful when the shelf is used as partition)

- A side panel  33x29  in oak veneer - £10 each
(useful as book end)

Please order the panels as separate products.

Panels can be inserted anywhere during assembly and moved later on.  

To calculate the exact measurement of your dowel shelf:

  Single  Double  Triple Quadruple
Width 60cm 116cm 172cm 228cm

 Depth: Fixed at 29cm

Height: (34.3cm x No. of shelves) + 14cm (top shelf, wooden knob & bottom feet)

The shelf is delivered unassembled for easy transport and access.



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