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sausage recipes
sausage recipes listed by category of sausage or recipe

Sausage Recipes - Full List

We all know that sausages taste great by themselves. They are also a versatile cooking ingredient - ranging from party food, pasta sauces, sausage casseroles in winter and barbecued sausages in summer.

We have over 60 sausage recipes and will add more on a regular basis. Barbecue recipes, sausage casseroles (hotpots in the US) and sausage rolls each have a separate page. Please contact us if you have any comments on our recipes or if you would like to suggest a new sausage recipe. All recipes are for four people.*

Black pudding recipes �
Black pudding tower
Black pudding and apple
Fabadas Asturianas (Spanish sausage casserole)
Lamb & Black Pudding
Lancashire hash browns
Wood pigeon and black pudding salad
Chorizo �
Chorizo and Tortilla
Chorizo and broad beans
Chorizo and couscous salad
Chorizo and new potato stew
Chorizo and scrambled eggs
Cooking sausages �
Baked Sausages
Baked sausages with new potatoes and cheese
Butternut squash bake
Cotechino and lentils
Italian sausage and peppers
Normandy sausages
Pigs in Blankets
Saucisse lyonnaise
Sausage kebabs
Home made sausages �
Andouille (Cajun sausage)
Crepinettes (sausage parcels)
Cumberland sausage
Glamorgan Sausages
Lamb Sausages
Merguez sausages
Oxford sausages
Mashed potatoes �
Basic mashed potoatoes
Mash with cheese (Aligot)
Mash with olive oil
Mash with roasted garlic
Mashed roots
Ultimate mash
Pasta, polenta & couscous recipes �
Baked pumpkin with sausages and cream
Couscous with merguez sausages
Italian sausages with polenta and tomato sauce
Pasta with Broccoli and Sausage
Sausage and carrot sauce
Sausage and tomato sauce
Sausage with cream and onion
Pastry & pizza �
Sausage & Leek Quiche
Sausage & potato pizza
Sausage rolls
Veggie rolls
Sausage accompaniments �
Braised red cabbage
Bubble & Squeak
Chutney (Apple and Tomato Chutney)
Gratin Dauphinois
Italian lentils
Mashed Potato Salad
Onion gravy
Onion marmalade
Oven chips
Potato casserole
Red onion relish
Rosti (potato pancake)
Smoky bacon potatoes
Stewed peppers with tomato and harissa
Tomato ketchup
Sausage casseroles �
Chorizo and chick pea casserole
Chorizo and chicken casserole
Dublin Coddle (sausage hotpot)
Pheasant with cabbage and sausages
Pork sausages braised in cider
Quick sausage and bean hotpot
Sausage and salami casserole
Stuffed Cabbage (Chou Farci)
Venison sausage casserole with herbs and red wine
Sausage recipes �
Warm potato salad with sausages
All day breakfast salad
Devilled sausages
Duck and sausages salad
Scotch Eggs
Sausage stuffings �
Chestnut stuffing
Chestnut, lemon & thyme stuffing
Christmas Terrine
Sausages & Beans �
Boston baked beans
Quick cassoulet
Red beans and rice
Sausage and white beans (Salsiccie e fagioli)
Sausage chilli
SySoPo Chilli
Soup �
Caldo Nero
Chorizo and Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Toad in the Hole �
Mini Toad in the Hole
Toad in the Hole
Yorkshire Pudding, Sausages and Onion gravy

*A note on portions

Recipes normally suggest that 500g (about a pound) of sausages will feed four. 500 g will normally be 6 or 8 sausages (i.e. about 2 each). The Government suggests that an adult portion of sausages is 2. So far so good... but... our research (admittedly more down the pub than scientific) suggest that most people will eat 3 or 4 sausages in a sitting. Are we lardy northerners? Is the government wrong?

Help us to resolve the great portion debate. Participate in our poll to find out how many sausages we really eat by telling us how many sausages you eat on our feedback form, result will be published on the site