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Lamb & Black Pudding

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You can sometimes see lamb and black pudding sold together in Northern butchers, sometimes in individual servings made with loin or rack of lamb or as here in a joint.

This more a food combination rather than a recipe and is an easy dish but impressive for a butcher to put together or for you to assemble at home.

A boned loin of lamb, probably weighing 500g - 750g
A piece of black pudding roughly the same length as the loin


Open the loin out on a clean work surface
Remove any skin or plastic sheath from the black pudding
Place the pudding along the length of the loin, along one side
Roll the loin around the pudding and tie with string, leave this to rest for at least a couple of hours

Two ways to cook this:

Slice into thick portions and grill or fry.

I prefer to roast in a medium oven for approx 1 hour, rest for 10 minutes and slice thickly to serve. That way the black pudding stays where you want it and the meat looks cleaner when the slice it for serving

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