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Bubble & Squeak

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Bubble & Squeak is usually thought of as fried leftover vegetables, traditionally made with the remains of a Sunday Roast dinner. The little cakes of fried potato and vegetable are ideal sausage fodder.

This is a rough and ready recipe, precise quantities are not needed.

Around 2/3 of the dish should be cold cooked potato - either cold mash or crushed boiled or roasted spuds. If using mash keep this on the dry side
The rest should be cold cooked vegetables - such as cabbage, onion or carrot (normally boiled, drained and roughly shredded) Shredded Brussel sprouts work well
Some butter to brown them in plus flour, salt and black pepper are all you need
You can be fancy and and some chopped spring onions, cold cooked meat or chunks of crisp bacon


Mix the potatoes and vegetables and any exotica you are using
Using floured hands form into patties, about the size of a 1/4 pound burger, if they are wet coat in seasoned flour
leave the patties to rest for 20 minutes and then gently fry in butter until hot and golden brown -around 10 -15 minutes

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