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Chestnut stuffing

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An essential ingredient in our Christmas lunch. Make twice as much as you need for Christmas day - this is also excellent cold with turkey, ham, tongue and mash potatoes on Boxing day (anything left is used in turkey sandwiches).

The quality of sausage meat is often poorer than that used in good sausages. If you cannot get hold of good sausage meat(70% meat content) you will obtain best results by buying plain pork sausages and removing the skins. Make sure that you use unsweetened chestnut puree.

500 g sausage meat
A large 440 g tin of unsweetened chestnut puree (we use a French brand called Clement Faugier)
A large onion, chopped
150 g roughlu chopped fresh chestnuts - either shelled and skinned or vacuum packed (optional)
Salt and black pepper


Mix the ingredients in a large bowl (very clean hands are best)
Season with salt and pepper
If you want, check the seasoning by frying a small piece
If cooking with a turkey,loosely stuff the bird with the stuffing and roast,if not place stuffing in a casserole or roll in foil and bake for 30-40 minutes

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