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Stewed peppers with tomato and harissa

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An ideal accompaniment for spicy sausages, adjust the harissa according to how much heat you want. Try with merguez sausages and couscous, this recipe can also be used as a sauce for pasta and is good cold.

4 red peppers
Large can chopped tomatoes
Large onion, chopped
1 teaspoon harissa paste
Salt and black pepper


Cut the peppers in half, remove the stalks and seeds
Place the peppers under a hot grill until the skins are blackened, put them in a plastic bag for 5 minutes and then remove the skins (they should slide off easily), slice the peppers lengthwise into strips
Gently fry the onions in olive oil for 5 minutes, add the peppers, tomato and harissa
Simmer for about 20 minutes
Season with salt and black pepper
Serve either hot or at room temperature

Suggested Sausages

Merguez, Chorizo or Italian spicy sausages

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