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Black pudding and apple

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Apples are a classic accompaniment to black pudding. They can either be cooked and pureed or sliced and fried and served with the pudding or included in the actual black pudding.

This is popular in France, Jane Grison gives a recipe for Boudin aux Pommes which contains 5 pints of blood, 1 and a half pints of cream, 4 pounds of fat, 3 pounds on onions and 2 and a half pounds of apples. The apples are stewed in butter until they form a puree and are them mixed with the blood, cream and onions.

Black puuding, apples and butter


Heat the black pudding by either frying or baking and serve in thick slices with either pureed apples slowly cooked in butter or apple slices which have been fried in butter. This makes a good starter or accompaniment for roast pork.

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