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sausage recipes

Crepinettes (sausage parcels)

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These are little sausage meat parcels and are a good way to use home made sausage meat.

You will need caul fat to make these. Most butchers should have some but you will have to ask. The fat is stiff and breaks easily but is easier to use if it is softened in warm water for an hour.

The picture shows cooked crepinettes on the left with a raw one on the left.

Caul fat and sausage meat (any variety)


Cut the fat into 10 cm squares, put about 100g of sausage meat in the centre and wrap it up. Trim any excess caul fat away
The finished crepinette should be about 1 cm thick and simialr in size to a beef burger
Cook the bottom first to seal the caul fat
It is not necessary to do anything else to them but you could roll them in egg and breadcrumbs before cooking to give a scotch egg finish
They caul fat will release fat as it cooks, you will probably want to drain some of this off

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